BPI-M4: Adding storage

I’m looking to add storage to a BPI-M4 board. I want to keep overall physical size down, so looking at what options are possible using the pcie m.2 connector. Are there any ssds that would fit that slot. I know the sata types won’t work, and most others I have seen are 2280 format so too long to fit. I have seen some 2230 which I think is the right length ?, but they are nvme ssds would those be compatible?. Are there any other adaptor cards for pcie slot that would allow connecting a sata or other type of drive. I’m looking to keep the 40 pin gpio connector free for a tv hat

You can get 2230 M.2 ssd that use the Sata transfer spec. I have the WD one. It’s confusing but, these are Sata SSD drives running on the M.2 form factor.

I didn’t think the Banana Pi M4 pci-e m.2 interface supported the sata protocol just pci-e ? found another topic saying sata m.2 ssd did not work ? on other banana pis

Awesome you found a topic. I have a Banana PI M4 and an M.2 ssd connected and working.

are you sure it’s a sata drive ? or is it like this one ?