BPI-M3 with R58 Chip on board (Demo)

We have successfully boot R58 chip in BPI-M3 series

justin , good job :slight_smile:

This is a “Demo”?

Why do you show this? What’s different between R58 and A83T? What can we expect from this switch? Why do you release new hardware instead of fixing the countless broken OS images for the existing hardware before?

this is not a new project , hardware is same as BPI-M3, we just try let H8, A83T & R58 run same software.

Great, that means these are just different names for the same SOC?

But still the question remains why you don’t fix all the broken software you provide (WiringPi, OS images) before focusing on ‘new’ hardware?

A new board ? The other aren’t supported WTF ? I really regret my BPI M3 purchase. I would be ashamed to sell it now.