BPI-M3 Windows 7/IIS For web application in banana pi/pro


I have ASP.NET MVC 5 application and I need to install Windows in banana pi/pro to run this app.

What board do you suggest.

Thanks, Core

best choose is BPI-M3 + virtual machine

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Will this work for virtualization, is this the best practice.


yes ,we test it on BPI-M3 ,can run this function.

I need to make a product that needs to run 24/7 /365. Will this work for a non-stop work.

I want to use it as a web server and maximum 5 users will use at the sane time.

Note: this is a long term project and it will be installed for approximately 10000 clients in next few years. Load of the work is not much but it should be ready for high performance and high work load.