BPI-M3 Who knows the way to set SuperSU ? ( root android)

Who knows how to get ROOT SUPER SU more applications running only SuperSu ((( I need to mount a USB HDD as the SD card.

HI: Please use new image to try it .

Android 5.1 3.0 HDMI 3.4 2016-06-13 MD5: 918b1d3707ce58cd203d0b392fa4cc8b Google drive README

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Thanks, I will test I hope everything will work as root

Install the new version of android, I was not able to put SuperSu to obtain root privileges. I ask you to install the new images with root privileges SuperSu. I ask you to install Google Play services - GAPS. GAPS, ROOT, SuperSu, the main desired useful features in the new images of android. I ask you very much to set them into new images of android.

HI: Please run this command. And try again .

chmod 777 system/bin/su

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thank you very much, have access))