BPI-M3 Update Rasbian and Debian failed


I installed Rasbian twice. Start update with apt-get update apt-get upgrade

and it failed twice. The system will not start after update anymore. Same with Debian.

Then I find an other issue: If my USB-keyboard is plugged in at boot time, the system gets into the mode of endless reboot. :smile:

My ethernetport won’t work as well. Sound even failed :frowning: Some crashes as well and some programs won’t work.

After 6 hours of installations, reboots and findings, I will send back my Banana PI BPI-M3.

If Linux is not working, the Banana Pi is not for me. I will stay with Banana Pi Pro.

Have a nice day


I’ve given up trying to use the BPI-M3 … It is pretty much junk.

Ordering Pi 3’s … as I know those will work.

Yes, Raspi 3 is nice, but I want sata and more than 100 Mbit Ethernet. So there is my first choice Banana Pi Pro M1+ It’s really a nice board. So you can do Homematic with FHEM and Owncloud at the same time.

I wanted SATA and Gigabit… but SATA is USB driven and slow. Gigabit is nice, but rest seems to fall flat when the board just doesn’t work with any OS build work a crap yet… by the time they get it working 100% (if ever), Pi 4 probably be out … :slight_smile:

@sinovoip are there any plans to fix this issues in the future?

we try to fixed this issue now.

The reason is simple: Sinovoip chose the worst powering method ever and your board crashes and corrupts the SD card’s contents due to undervoltage. Solution (and more reasons to stay away from the M3) here: http://forum.armbian.com/index.php/topic/474-quick-review-of-banana-pi-m3/?p=3072

Are there any solutions for the issues yet?

Do you enjoy still waiting for an answer? The only correct answer would be Sinovoip replacing your broken device (Micro USB for DC-IN) with one from the next 10k batch where they replaced it with something more suitable to power the board. Then you’re problems are gone. A hardware fix is necessary.

please test this image :smile:

we have optimal AXP Power Management ICs setting

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we will update a debian image soon.

LOL! But the first 10k batch of boards has an insufficient DC-IN connector so we still need a solder iron to fix your mistakes.

not need , please test new image , and power is enough for micro USB pwoer .

please test new debian image , update is all ok.

Will there be an updateable raspbian image soon?

Hi This issue still exists

apt-get upgrade


and system doesn’t boot :confused: I’ve tried debian jessie, raspbian

Hi, I’ve got a new BPI-M3, I’d like to install a Debian image, I’ve tryed this 2016-03-18 and also 2016-05-15 release but, when I do apt-get update and apt-get upgrade the board does not boot anymore.

Hi Do you have a regular SD card Class 10 and
you have a good power supply 5V / 2.5A and you have them with the Hohlsteker?