BPI-M3 Unable to run installers on any OS

I’ve tried opening Linux installers for programs such as Eclipse, Komodo, WinRAR, etc. on 3 different OS’s now and I’m certain the problem is from my BPI-M3 or the images provided. I’ve asked about it on each forum specific to each OS I’ve tried which are: Ubuntu 16.04, OpenSUSE, and Arch Linux. I am currently use Open SUSE as it suits me best but I still can’t open installers. I have enabled “run as executable” and changed the preferences aswell. I haven’t gotten any aswer or fix.

Note: These are not .exe files. They are executables made FOR Linux, not for Windows.

Output when doing ./eclipse-inst: bash: ./eclipse-inst: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error

This output is shown on all the OS’s. Any help is appreciated.

Did you grab the right architecture bundled one? Because it’s an arm, x86\64 software wont work(captain obvious here)

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