Hello, I have a bpi-m3 with raspbian/debian8. my problem is I can´t use the uart3 on the 40 pin connector. the uart2 works fine. in the description the uart3 is the function3. how can I use this feature? can anyone help?

please see this document:


thanks for your answer, but the module use the uart2 ports and this works fine. my problem is to use the uart3 ports.

I stumbled upon this earlier this week when looking up the NEW GPIO app/function for my Raspberry Pi collection…it may help enable the uart3 for you. I don’t have a M3.

here is another link:


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how can I use GPIO UART (with GPG module) ?

I test the uart port on BPI-M2+, and I think it will work well on BPI-M3. Please see this page https://bananapi.gitbooks.io/bpi-m2-/content/en/bpi-m2+uart.html