BPI-M3 Touch Screen for Android 5.1.1 V5

We are working on a new project to build 15.6" kiosk with capacitive touch screen monitor. Have purchased a Banana Pi M3 running Android 5.1.1 V5. The M3 works great with a regular monitor but can not get it to work with a capacitive touch screen model. Can you help as we would rather use Android than a windows device.

you can contact [email protected] . maybe need edit driver and check your LCD spec.

define the vendor and product ids in hid-ids.h then blacklist it from usbhid and add it to hidinput as general captive touch. Look at other linux kernels for 3-10 fingers suppiort I added it and now my bpi supports 7 finger tracking its like 10 extra lines that need copy pasteing in hid input (some query stuff). that what i did and it workes without a problem but im on ubuntu mate not Android but my guess is that android uses the same kernel with other build options. Hope it help.