BPI M3 - strongswan VPN server

Hello! I’m trying to use my M3 as VPN server. I succesfully installed and configured strongswan vpn, but it doesn’t work. I googled it and found a guy who also has the same problem like me and the solution was to turn on/enable one of the kernel modules. The problem is that M3 hasn’t the required kernel modules … Is there a way to get these kernel modules and load them? I’m sorry for stupid question but I’m not familiar with linux:blush:


I’ve used the following instruction to get a VPN connection with my BPI, now I’m trying to make a Network-Bridge to share the VPN-Connection with the Onboard-LAN-Port. For the Network-Bridge I used the following instruction.

The VPN connection works and the Network-Bridge too, but I have not tested it together because I get problems with the new Ubuntu Image and the Network-Manager/Wicd.

Maybe it will help you a bit.

greetings root_Padi


Thanks, I’ll check it out!

Okay perfect !!!

Good Luck :wink: