BPI-M3 start fail?

Hello humens!!

I have a problem whit my Banana Pi M3. if I start the machine it wait 5 sec and than restars itself, the only thing i can see is the logo.

what i try,

I have almost download all systems and they all do the same but a few do nothing.

how can i fix this?

(sorry for my bad engelse i am from holland)

please check your adapter ,please use 5V/2A ,and with DC port ,try again.

thx I use a 5,3 volt/2A it works fine!!

but now i need to login and i looked evry where but i cant find the login code??

Four more possible reasons: one is to check the cpu temperature with your finger. If it’s very hot cool it. Two: could be your operating system files or SD card or whatever is corrupt. Prepare a new SD card or download the system image again. Third possible reason is that you connect something to your pi that makes it fail: USB device, IO pin device, serial device shorted LAN cable, And last one: the power cable connector are dirty/rusted/loose and the power connection is bad. Usually at power up current consumption is high at certain stages and a poor power connection may drop the voltage and cause restart again and again.