BPI-M3 run android 5.1.1 version. so cool

we have success run android 5.1.1 version on BPI-M3 ,all is working fine . is this the first SBC board run android 5.1.1 ???

:smile: Finally Lollipop is here on BPI development boards!

Does the bluetooth can funcation properly in this version ?

yes, BPI-M3 support BT4.0 on board.

Great news to us, when will you release M3 ? could you provide the time frame for us ? so that we can estimate should we wait for use other solutions Best regards, tony

we now development linux ,and when linux image update ,we will do the first 1000-5000 pcs at first.

maybe in one or two month.

We are looking forward to have M3 for our application, since we need android and BLE your hardware is fitting our application. So, in that time hope android porting is done. I am more than happy to become your user.

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Will the android versions have gpio access

yes, we will update it soon ,thank you for you support

yes, we will update image soon ,thank you for you support

When will the download be available? I want to try this on my M3.