BPI-M3 octa-core? No no, it is 4+4

Actually this octa-core is of no advantage for this purpose - or is there a special Battery application /connection on the PCB? The A83T features the advanced big.LITTLE architecture to maximize the battery life.

You will have a special application where you need such a board, with a CPU with this architecture. Basically you are paying too much for this device, if you expect an eight-core - it is only 4+4

Totally weird that they promote the 8-cores; as only 4 little or 4 BIG are running at the time. So basically it is a Quad-Quad core.

Wouldn’t SinoVoip better have taken a 4-Core with high processing power?

No it doesn’t. The A83T uses two clusters of 4 x Cortex-A7 cores that work simultaneously. Seems like this sort of “information policy” seems to be common in China. The marketing guys there simply don’t give a sh*t about whether the informations released are correct or not. We experience the same with SinoVoip on a daily basis as well :slight_smile:

And thx for the link you provided above: http://www.allwinnertech.com/en/news/compnews/452.html

A83T packs eight highly energy-efficient Cortex-A7 cores that could run simultaneously at around 2.0GHz, and implements the advanced big.LITTLE architecture to maximize the battery life. Imaginations Technology’s outstanding PowerVR GPU is also combined in A83T to deliver the best balance between graphic processing performance and power consumption.

Nearly unbelievable that such incorrect informations are present on Allwinner’s site for over a year now. Neither implements the A83T big.LITTLE nor is it able to be clocked with 2GHz (I would suspect that it’s 1 GHz instead without liquid cooling) nor is the included SGX544MP1 in any way ‘outstanding’ (only ONE GPU core and not 2 as with the M2’s A31s SoC!).

It only fulfills the demands of the target audience that is dumb enough to believe the more CPU cores you have the faster everything will be :slight_smile: