BPI-M3 new image:raspbian-jessie-bpi-m3.img 2016-07-13


  1. based on RASPBIAN JESSIE 2016-05-27(support rpi3 rpi2 rpi1)
  2. BPI-M3 kernel 3.4
  3. username & password: pi/bananapi , root/bananapi
  4. support HDMI 1080P & 720P(default)
  5. support eMMC
  6. support GMAC
  7. support WIFI
  8. support SATA
  9. support bpi-bootsel cmd can switch to (bpi-m64 & bpi-m3 & bpi-m2 & bpi-m2p & bpi-m1-m1p-r1)
  10. support uEnv.txt to fatload script.bin & uImage
  11. support uEnv.txt to set video 1080P & 720P & 480P …
  12. support power max. up to 2.5A ~ for DC-IN.
  13. fix rootmydevice issue
  14. support BT (hcitool scan)
  15. thanks for raspberry.org’s work(https://www.raspberrypi.org/downloads/raspbian)
  16. support node-red

google drive:

MD5: a52e9205e400d559728b1cfa3f6b58ba

Good job, thanks. :slight_smile:

I’m try to up an hostapd service…

Anyone help me?


There is no device tree blob file (.dtb) for BPI-M3? I found only 5 files in /boot/babanapi.

sun6i-a31s-bananapi-m2.dtb sun6i-a31s-sinovoip-bpi-m2.dtb sun7i-a20-bananapi-m1-plus.dtb sun7i-a20-bananapi-r1.dtb sun7i-a20-bananapi.dtb

Hi, I need the snd-usb-audio module, because i have one USB sound card (RME Babyface). I try to change the kernel (what I compiled succesfully) but the image no longer works. Appears the BPI logo, and happen nothing else.

I try this, but at the end i have not boot.fex :


With this i built all, packed all. All process is succesfuly ended. … Step 2.Go to folder “Download”, put the file(s) to 100MB of the SD Card with DD command.

sudo dd if=boot0_sdcard.fex of=${card} bs=1k seek=8 sudo dd if=u-boot.fex of=${card} bs=1k seek=19096 sudo dd if=sunxi_mbr.fex of=${card} bs=1k seek=20480 sudo dd if=boot-resource.fex of=${card} bs=1k seek=36864 sudo dd if=env.fex of=${card} bs=1k seek=69632 sudo dd if=boot.fex of=${card} bs=1k seek=86016

Which step is missing?

Thanks Laszlo

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Hi Laci, I never copied sunxi_mbr.fex to card, you should try skipping that step. At the end did you copy lib folder onto sdcard’s 2nd partition?

In this topic you can find more instructions (regardless distro):

Hi, My build system one clean Ubuntu 14.04 64 bit in vmware. I try the following, because the build system was changed : dd if=2016-07-19-edu-ubuntu-mate-1604-preview-bpi-m3.img of=/dev/mmcblk0 bs=4k

git clone https://github.com/BPI-SINOVOIP/BPI-M3-bsp.git ./build 1 It is succesfull. cd SD/100MB gunzip BPI_M3_1080P.img.gz dd if=BPI_M3_1080P.img of=/dev/mmcblk0 bs=1k seek=8

I also copied the modules (/lib/modules/3.4.39-BPI-M3-Kernel) and the bootloader (/usr/lib/u-boot/bananapi/bpi-m3)

The BPI logo appears, the blue and green led are lit, but nothing else happened.

Then i copied back the original uImage, and modules, and its works again… It looks like being a kernel compile problem?

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Good work!! This is my first post… I’m testing some images to chose one…

I would like know if this is the last image with raspbian?

To me, the WIFI doesn’t work, and to the wire ethernet I needed add default route manually.

The bluetooth was recognized just after system upgrade. The audio hdmi doesn’t work too.

What I can do?

Thank you.