BPI-M3 new image:CRUX-ARM 3.1 Lite for BPI-M3 (20151210)

CRUX-ARM 3.1 Lite for BPI-M3 (20151210)

  1. BPI-M3 kernel 3.4
  2. username & password: root/bananapi
  3. support HDMI 1080P & 720P
  4. support eMMC
  5. support GMAC
  6. support WIFI
  7. support SATA
  8. support bpi-bootsel cmd to switch mode

Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_YnvHgh2rwjMFg0NzB6TUNtb3M/view?usp=sharing

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How can i install that image & boot to SATA?

The M3 has no SATA port. Is is that hard to understand? It’s just an USB-to-SATA bridge as available in every existing USB enclosure. But the one SinoVoip chose is slow as hell.

Apart from that the question how to boot from USB is already answered in detail: BPI-M3 new image:Raspbian Jessie(debian 8) 2015-11-21 Mate for BPI-M3 (20151208)

SinoVoip Need to answer this not but yours, Because they sell the products

True, they sell products. But they don’t support their products :joy:

In case you want to boot from USB (there’s no SATA on the M3 – I write this again and again to warn people) with this bootloader, go buy an USB-to-UART dongle, connect it, setup a build environment, download the BSP, think about applying my fixes to be able to compile with more recent GCC and a few other improvements, run build.sh, grab kernel/boot.img, realise that this is a stinky Android BLOB, get https://github.com/vhernando/split_boot_img, have a look into the ramdisk image, get a clue what needs to be done. Repeat this a few times, lern a lot about the ARM architecture, boot loaders, kernel parameters, how crappy Allwinner’s BSP is SinoVoip still relies on instead of adopting the changes the community already made. And so on.

This will take you only a few hours/days/weeks but you will be done way earlier since indefinitely waiting for an answer from SinoVoip is the alternative :joy:

Isn’t it amazing how different everything is with devices called “Banana Pi M2/M3” compared to the “Banana Pi M1” where all this works out of the box (since the community developed all this stuff which will never happen with the M3). You bought an expensive paperweight.

:grinning: The SATA port is a really big let down. Just imagine it doesn’t have one. USB2.0 speeds are slowz also.

But for paper weight, there is one of similar price https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1536286486/the-element-cube-62-elements-1-cube/description a elemental paper weight !