[BPI-M3] New image: Android 5.1 (Version:V5) 2017-05-11

Android 5.1 2017-05-11 for BPI-M3 Git commit : e1889b870facd7fdcfc4c58688577881d6eb11fe

Release Note:

  1. Supports New WIFI-AP6212 Fw


Google Drive:

Baidu Cloud: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1pKF3Ggj

MD5: d7b7abf3443a49fb0f178ccf2f6e82d0


Google Drive:

Baidu Cloud: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1mi2YOeG

MD5: b27dd45ac5fd1fd3b02db8ffd92c2871

Where are all the valuable old comments on V4 ?:rage:? No good style that you just delete what was said. Hours of documentation and test work by the community deleted with a mouse click…

Ah, it is still there, buried in the forum:

So, you replaced the ap6212 firmware file with a newer bcm43438a0.hcd, a copy and paste job. While WIFI is fixed, also Bluetooth A2DP now works better with this Android. You don’t test I know.

Now please fix the native full HD graphics output (no helper apps needed: Nomone ŕesolution changer´from app store).

Anyway, thanks for fixing Wifi and Bluetooth (by lucky punch).

PS: I used newer firmware file and replaced it in V4 image:


We will solve this problem as soon as possible

how long might it be until that happens?

I have dumped this LCD version on M3. Display on 7" official screen is ok but touch is not working. I could not find where the problem is. Can anybody help on this.

Could HDMI-Version rotate screen ?