BPI-M3: Hardware (wifi, bluetooth, etc) drivers

Hi BPI team,

Would it be possible to release the drivers for the BPI-M3 hardware (wifi, bluetooth, etc) separately instead of packaged together in the images that you’re releasing?

This would be extremely useful if folks (like me) want to install a base linux image and customize it for their needs instead of installing the super-sized desktop images that you’ve been releasing for the BPI-M3.

If this is not possible then I’d like to understand why and what help would you need to make this happen.

Much appreciate.

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yes ,we have support all deb file. you can do image by youself.


all wifi ,BT and etc dirver all in those deb file.

it is your need.???

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Thanks for the quick reply! Yes I think that works but I’ll try and confirm once I get it working.

My idea is to install a base Ubuntu 16.04 and install these drivers. Any recommendations on how to proceed? Thanks

yes, when we finished all image , we will support base ubuntu and debaian os, so everyone can easy do theyself image ,add what they wanted.:slight_smile:

Aha :slight_smile: When are you planning on having that done?

we do it now ,but need some time. you also can study our bpi-tools , we support many tools .it maybe useful for you.

That’s great to hear, let us know when you have updates.

I forget, which arch is the BPI-M3: armhf (32-bit hard-float ARMv7) or arm64 (64-bit ARM)?

Got it, according to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ARM_Cortex-A7 it’s 32-bit :slight_smile:

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