BPI-M3 github source code public

BPI-M3-bsp Getting Started

Choose a board doing: ./build.sh,

Choose a board doing

“This tool supports the following BPI board(s):”


  1. BPI_M3_720P"

  2. BPI_M3_1080P"

  3. BPI_M3_LCD7"

  4. BPI_M3_USB_720P"

  5. BPI_M3_USB_1080P" *************************************************"

BPI-M3 SD Card Info

Step 1.To be on safe side erase the first part of your SD Card (also clears the partition table).

   sudo  dd if=/dev/zero of=${card} bs=1M count=1

Step 2.Go to folder “Download”, put the file(s) to 100MB of the SD Card whit DD command.

 sudo dd if=boot0_sdcard.fex     of=${card} bs=1k seek=8

sudo dd if=u-boot.fex           of=${card} bs=1k seek=19096

sudo dd if=sunxi_mbr.fex    of=${card} bs=1k seek=20480

sudo dd if=bootloader.fex   of=${card} bs=1k seek=36864

sudo dd if=env.fex          of=${card} bs=1k seek=69632

sudo dd if=boot.fex         of=${card} bs=1k seek=86016


You may go to http://www.banana-pi.org to download Ubuntu15.04 images and burn them into the Sdcard to see the architecture.

So let’s have a closer look. It’s the same horribly outdated u-boot with no support for script.bin (so you can not even simply exchange display resolution settings but have to overwrite u-boot sectors instead!):

All that has changed since 2 months is README.md where you added a single space character:

Everything else has not been modified since then or is even older eg: Build script for BPI-M3-BSP 2015.07.29 (4 months!)

Thx again for the confirmation that SinoVoip still has no idea how ‘Open Source Development’ works. Instead of ‘release early, release often’ you still hide the stuff you have. So noone is able to help you.

OK, now you released the “bsp”, but where is WiringPi for the M3? Where is a tool to let the user choose different display settings since you still rely on this horribly outdated u-boot without script.bin support? And why on earth do you do that? We talked about that stuff half a year ago regarding M2 and nothing happened. Now the situation with the M3 is that worse again. Why? Do you hate your customers or simply don’t care?

If you would’ve released this stuff earlier maybe someone would’ve picked it up and provide u-boot support so that script.bin would now work and the M3 would be at least somewhat useable for tinkerers. But no. Again SinoVoip proves that is hasn’t learned a single lesson and that it’s not willing to become a community player. Thx for the confirmation.

This is pathetic, telling us to wait for new software and all you bring NOTHING.

I think the guys from SinoVoip stumbled horribly with there law enforcement against LeMaker, instead of working together

If I look at their Website, I can find one statement about software development and I wonder, is this true? Rely on the strong R & D capability, the source of a communication software to provide customers with the secondary development can provide a complete Development Board

Now think, if they had software engineers, they could easily put something together - but there is nothing. So all they have at SinoVoip must be hardware-engineers. Unfortunately they are not even searching for software-engineers.

I feel sorry for the people who spend their MONEY just some silicon, plastic and soldering. It is useless without SOFTWARE useless hello wake up at @sinovoip

If you look through the commits, Justin worked there at least 2 months ago. Maybe he’s gone in the meantime. And maybe the problem are not the developers but the CEO instead relying on outdated structures and preventing the developers become community members?

There is no word about software development. Not one word. And usually they make a big fuss about every little detail - so I believe there are NO software-developers.

M3 is totally useless - it has no software development /support.

justin , DK, MIKEY and other RD all hard work on banana pi , as you konw, allwinner linux code have many issue, we have try our best to do this work. for this github ,we only can let linux running fine and and all driver work fine .

i know ,you want we development on mainline linux kernel , but for this work ,we need many user to help us , it is a hard work ,we can not do it so soon.

we need time and need your help, you also can help us.thank you.

You do not want to understand anything, right? You have not the slightest idea what ‘mainline kernel’ means? ‘Mainline’ is just a word you stumbled accross in the forums and now you tell ‘give us some time with this mainline thingy’ from time to time.

The way you try to develop ‘software’ doesn’t work. You just rehash things from Allwinner or the community and fix basic stuff. That’s it.

Becoming a community player would mean opening your ‘development’ efforts to the public. You do the opposite, always just releasing the ‘give us some time until finished’ stuff way too late on Github.

Again, thx for the confirmation that you’ve not the slightest idea how all this works and that things won’t change anytime soon. It’s a real mess.