BPI-M3 Fail to capture a picture by image mode on ov8865 camera module

I have BananaPi M3 with its ov8865 camera module. I test its camera capture by the code: GitHub - avafinger/cap-v4l2: capture frames from CMOS camera ov5640 / ov8865 using V4l2 and OpenCV

It works fine when using “video mode” as the following command:

./cap 1920 1080 8 1 -999 -1 -1

I can get a normal picture captured by camera.

But it fails when I test “image mode”. Its command is

./cap 1920 1080 8 0 -999 -1 -1

I get a abnormal picture(it is dark, and looks like auto-exposure not working)

Is the driver vfe_v4l2.ko not ready for image mode?

Sorry for the late reply.

The driver works on video mode only at the time i tested it and implemented cap, it needs to be improved and it is very hard to find free technical information on the ov8865 sensor.