BPI-M3 doesn´t boot, only the red LED lights up

Hello everybody! I wanted to install Android 5 HDMI on my BPI-M3 today. First I inserted the SD card and started the thing. Everything fine. Then I wanted to connect the device to my PC to install Android with PhoenixSuit on the eMMc memory. My PC did not recognize the M3. When I wanted to start again from the SD card, nothing happened anymore. When I insert the power cable (2.4A), the red LED lights up and nothing else happens. Even if I insert a different image, nothing happens, only the red LED lights up. If I press the power switch for a long time, the red LED goes off. If I press it again, it will light up again, but that’s all. Am I getting into any debugging mode? How can I get out of this? Can someone help?


Hi, I have the same problem with the same image on M3 and I am wondering if you or someone else could fix it? But I found out, that an ubuntu image is working… So no defect sd card or bpi…

I am happy about any answer :slight_smile:

I think… and am experiencing now.
BPI-M3 is very hot and need to cool and good power supply.
I find booting is require heavy load by unattended-upgrade and etc… ( too heavy to connect ssh.
How about wait to finish for a few hours? Please read about blog https://nemlog.nem.social/blog/5635

Thank you for your answer and link :slight_smile:

I am using a power supply with 5V and 1A. It was recommented from the supplier, where I also got the Banana Pi from.

And my ubuntu image worked fine, so I dont think that my power supply is the problem :frowning: Also i did not recognize any heat… but I think it is a good hint for future and longer work with the Banana Pi.

Do you have any ideas left, what I could doing wrong?

AS far I know, there must be an error that is making the interruption and it could be the error 0142. The thing which you have mentioned could be a possibility that Dell error code 2000-0142 is there and that is why the problem is happening.

No, it is working now and I know what I did wrong:

I did not use the PheonixCard to burn the android image to my sd card and so the bpi could not recognize the image.

But anyway, thank you for your answer :slight_smile: