BPI-M3 Detailed tecnical data

Hello everybody!

I’m looking for detailed data sheets what to expect from the hardware. I have to compare the Banana Pi M3 to the Raspberry Pi 3 for a topic at work.

The usual “GPIO compatible to Raspberry Pi 2B” is not good enough, but I can’t find anything specific about the technical data anywhere. I want to know:

  • How many SPI interfaces, how many CS on these SPI interfaces?
  • Is CAN still supported or just on the Banana Pi M1
  • How many UART interfaces can be used
  • Exact Pinout with alternate functions
  • and everything else I can get…

Further I would like to know the best OS system.

Thanks in advance for all the answers. :slight_smile: I need to be sure that all the things I need are supported before I order a bunch of devices… :wink:


read these three threads first…

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all spec:


CAN not support on BPI-M3

Not as detailed as I hoped, but it will have to do. Thanks!

Yes, it’s obvious that you can’t support BPI-M3 and none of your other products. :frowning:

Was a bit funny, but not your fault.

CAN = CAN-Bus (Controller Area Network)

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