BPI M3 Dallas DS18B20

Hey First, sorry for my english! what to do , so that the running temperature sensor on the M3 . Preferably with Debian Jessie lite

I have test it with Raspbian and Debian.

Copy in the scrip.bin under /bananapi/m3… [w1_para] gpio = 4

Restart - nothing

Please , can someone help me? Best regards from Austria

You need to give more informations. Which guide have you followed? this one? http://www.linuxx.eu/2014/09/banana-pi-temperature-sensor-ds18b20.html The Banana Pi is different from the BPI M3 you know that? Did you connect the DS18B20 like that?

The home directory of debian for BPI M3 is under /home/pi or /home/bpi depending on the name of the user you logged in

Hello Yes, from linuxx.eu and the hardware from your jpg. For the test i work under root On SD-Card BPI-BOOT/bananapi/bpi-m3/linux/script.bin I write [w1_para] gpio = 4 with bin2fex (Later, if the System run i will give it on emmc)

Debian Jessie lite from 2015 have no script.bin- delete Debian Jessie beta 1.0 have 2 script.bin write the config in all -delete raspbian jessie from 5.2016 run now on BPI M3 SD-Card

/sys/bus/w1/devices is clean

DS18b20 is running, i test it on Arduino

modprobe w1-gpio modprobe w1-therm brings no error and no comment

thank you for your help

have you installed the sunxi-tools in the /home/pi folder or in the /home/bananapi folder? The bananapi m3 has a different home folder. (/home/pi) Try replacing bananapi with just “pi”

Oh, I have thought the tool was only for bin2fex. I have install it on my PC for the scrip.bin on SD Now i test it on Banana Thanks

Unfortunately, no Install sunxi-tools under /home/pi with user pi

by lsmod: pi@bananapi:~ $ lsmod Module Size Used by option 20034 0 usb_wwan 12345 1 option bcmdhd 693235 0 pvrsrvkm 419356 3 vfe_v4l2 1321354 0 videobuf_dma_contig 6947 1 vfe_v4l2 videobuf_core 21163 2 vfe_v4l2,videobuf_dma_contig ov5640 34149 0 cci 30310 2 vfe_v4l2,ov5640 vfe_subdev 6244 2 vfe_v4l2,ov5640 vfe_os 7608 2 vfe_v4l2,vfe_subdev

No mudoles with w1-gpio w1-therm

If you run lsmod you would see that is no W1_GPIO, W1_THERM and so on. The M3 is not supporting W1. Im so sorry to say you that. I hoped I helped you.

If you look on earlyer Post you also can read that -_-

So greeting from Germany and a nice day :smiley:

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Thank you I have test it with digitemp on RS232-> USB

THX Platin

Since a year ago, i have written an Kernel driver, which the w1 has supported for the m3, i have to look. If i find the code again, i will realease it.