BPI M3 boot loop/ not booting

Just got my banana pi and so far have not been able to successfully boot any OS. I am currently using a 32gb class 10 sd card and a 5v 2.1a adaptor with the micro usb. When i power it up, all three LED’s light up and i am brought to the white screen with the banana pi logo. Then after around 5 seconds the blue and green LEDs turn off leaving only the red, and then it loops. Every now and then it doesnt even loop, it just turns on then off. I guess its a power issue? Maybe im not using working OS’s or not configuring them properly?

I dont have a DC tunnel adaptor for it cause they are like $30 bucks from jaycar and its for a major project which i have a tight time schedule for so shipping a cheap one from china isnt really an option. Any ideas?

Hi, what version has the board? its printed on it.

The board is the BPI-M3 V1.2

Nice i have the same … all images are working by me! i used the other power supply and it work good. have you test the other ?

No i haven’t, ill have to sort one out.

test it by me it works