BPI-M3 Android Module Compile For Touch Support

I have created several threads requesting assistance on adding touch support to this forum.

I need help with finding the kernel information to allow me to compile the module properly. Vermagic and/or extraversion would be helpful

I have successfully created a dev environment to compile the required driver but android is telling me

“insmod cant’ insert ‘hid-multitouch.ko’ : invalid module format”

From researching Minix, ODROID and android forums i have found it is due to the fact that the source for BPI-M3 on Git is not exactly the same. Even though the kernel is the same the vermagic and/or extraversion info is not.

My research shows me if i adjust the makefile before compiling the driver i will likely have a module that will match.

I am not trying to be a pain here, i enjoy a good challenge but when i request support from ODROID or Minix on these issues they are on top of it with support. ODROID goes as far as to create patches for support within a week.

The Monitor Info in case you would like to add hid-multitouch support. VID_05E3 PID_0610 USB

Please Help