BPI M3 and HDMI (another res post)


I’m new to the Pi/linux world and I’ve been looking around the internet at various forums and posts regarding LCD screens on the M3 instead of just wasting peoples time… I’m aware the Pi M3 uses a Mipi interface that’s causing a lot of problems for users with pi screens however. I was bought an M3 for my birthday and an LCD touch screen that uses HDMI (Makibes 5") In 1080p the screen sorta works but can only see the top left corner!

like any other the screen, the res is 800x480 but I cant find any way to change the screen res. I’ve only found 1080p, 720p using bpi-bootsel uEnv.txt will change the screen size but not the res.

The specifications of the M3 states “HDMI 1.4 DHCP 1.2 with resolutions from(640x640 to 1920x1080) MIPI DSI for RAW LCD panels”

I’ve installed bin2fex and fex2bin but all of the images dont have these files. Have have placed the file in /boot/ /boot/bananapi but it makes no change. Would I need to rebuild u-boot or something and how?

Any help would be appreciated!