BPI-M3 Access GPIO like a pi 3?

Dusted off the old M3 board and was surprised the latest Android build works and actually usable.

I have used this source code with FreePascal to access the GPIO on the pi’s very well @ Lazarus on Raspberry Pi - Free Pascal wiki

I have a simple android app that uses this now, it compiles and runs, but fails to access /dev/mem … the open call gets a -1 returned.

I assume either this locked down? the path doesn’t exactly exist like I want? Or to access the GPIO pins on the M3 board is done in a totally different fashion?

android gpio control ,please see this link:

This demo shows how to toggle the on board LED lights… but not how to access the 40 pin connector.

I did do the example at least by hand and was able to toggle the blue and green led on and off on the board itself.

Right now I have a simple setup where i got an LED wired up to pin 11, GPIO 17 … so should be able to set this on or off.

Played around a little more but still can’t figure it out nor can find anything that points to how the GPIO pins are accessed.