BPI-M3 A83T Booting issues

HI, We are using A83T in our project. We are trying to boot the system through battery. But the system hangs in the at one location. Please find the log below.

"new_power_status = 0
key pressed value=0x1
timeout, but no power key found
no key input
dram_para_set start
dram_para_set end
[     11.569]DRAM:  2 GiB
relocation Offset is: 75af7000"

Can you please help on this to solve the issues.

Thanks and Regards, Sankar.K

Hi, Is any one can support the issues.

Thanks and Regards, Sankar.K

Hello, could you please tell me which image did you use?

Did you use M3?

I suspect that power is not enough. A83t moody and very hot

Hi, The issues is solved. Power was not enough. Thanks