BPI-M2Z / BPI-M2M fbtft_device driver / startX on SPI OLED

Hi everyone,

I have an SPI OLED for the bananapi (no it’s not an official one as that was a very small resolution), the one I have is this: DFRobot OLED2828 - 128x128 SPI OLED

It uses the SSD1351 driver for the display, this is very common amongst many SPI OLED displays. I have it connected to the board using the exact same pins that the official BPI OLED board uses, as shown here: http://wiki.banana-pi.org/BPI_OLED_Display_Module#Hardware_conection

The test file used by the BPI does not work for this display which is understandable, however I want to use the fbtft_device driver if possible, however it does not seem to be there on the latest Ubuntu images for the BPI-M2Z or BPI-M2M. I have found a guide for a similar display which uses the same driver here: https://www.freetronics.com.au/pages/oled128-quickstart-guide-raspberry-pi, so theoretically the instructions should work all the same, however this again uses the fbtft_device module which is unavailable in the ubuntu images (I am opting for ubuntu as it seems to be the only one that consistently has everything else working fine: wifi, BT etc.).

Is there any way I can add this kernel module or is there an image which already has this available? The closest thing I found related to this is the link below, however the instructions on that do not work as the kernel module is missing. http://forum.banana-pi.org/t/use-adafruit-pitft-screen-on-bananapi/150