BPI-M2U new image: Ubuntu,debian and Rasbian image 2020-4-19

BPI-M2U new image: Ubuntu,debian and Rasbian image 2020-4-19

google drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B_YnvHgh2rwjR0JsaUltalFXanc

baidu cloud: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1bay9Tvqje4ggk7e5Ay6OxA Pincode:S2EM

In Debian, setting resolution to 1080p with sudo bpi-bootsel BPI_M2U_1080P.img.gz and wireless interface is gone.

In boot I can see errors reading emmc, with 720p no problem.

Please, fix this or I can think buying this board is the epic fail of my life and the best option is kill with a hammer.

I dont post logs because I know bpiteam no support this board.

@Oscar Here are two good systems with which to entertain Armbian with kernel 5.4 to which they are constantly adding new drivers and OpenWrt which can work as a router with advanced functions.



Instructions to activate audio, ir, spi, csi, etc. once Armbian is installed, updated and rebooted. and depending on whether it is on the sd card or in the internal memory, run:

SD: wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/juanesf/u-boot/master/compile_u-boot_r40_sd.sh && sh ./compile_u-boot_r40_sd.sh

MMC: wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/juanesf/u-boot/master/compile_u-boot_r40_emmc.sh && sh ./compile_u-boot_r40_emmc.sh

enter password and wait for the script to finish, when finished restart and try the changes, just finish following the instructions in the following forum to activate and test the mic as sound:

Thank you @juanesf but I only use sound vía HDMI and only on old 3.10 kernels work.

I am trying to enable i2s2 in the dts following the work in the SoC a64/h3/h5/h6 and a10/a20/a31 it’s only a matter of time before having almost all features enabled on all allwinner SoCs

Thank you for your work.


I am trying to enable SPI interface using the script that you have mentioned above. I am using it in BPI-M2-Ultra SBC (A40i) with the OS releases given in the below link:


I tried it with Raspbian, Debian and Ubuntu images. But I was not able to bring the SPI up with these images and using your script on top of it.

Can you please confirm whether this script will work for the A40i also? I think the DTS and DTSI are given only for R40 and not for A40I. I believe the A40I is same as R40 except for the difference in the operational temperature supported. But, Does your script need any changes specific to A40I to make it work?

Thanks, -Loganathan

The script works with mainline kernel 5.x onwards maybe 4.19 but in the official images they use u-boot 2014 and kernel 3.10 which is very old.

I believe the link that you have given at the start of this thread is also for the official image only. So I thought your script works for that. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Can you please suggest on how to get this SPI enabled on the official images?

Here is the error reported when executing the following commands from your script individually:

git clone https://github.com/juanesf/u-boot.git cd u-boot make Bananapi_M2_Ultra_defconfig make -j $(nproc) <===== error when executing this make command

      LD      lib/built-in.o
      CC      examples/standalone/hello_world.o
      CC      examples/standalone/stubs.o
      LD      examples/standalone/libstubs.o
      LD      examples/standalone/hello_world
      OBJCOPY examples/standalone/hello_world.srec
      OBJCOPY examples/standalone/hello_world.bin
      LD      u-boot
      OBJCOPY u-boot.srec
      OBJCOPY u-boot-nodtb.bin
      SYM     u-boot.sym
      DTC     arch/arm/dts/sun8i-r40-bananapi-m2-ultra.dtb
      DTC     arch/arm/dts/sun8i-v40-bananapi-m2-berry.dtb
    /bin/sh: 1: bc: not found
    Error: arch/arm/dts/sun8i-r40.dtsi:1221.2-5 syntax error
    FATAL ERROR: Unable to parse input tree
    Check /tmp/u-boot/arch/arm/dts/.sun8i-r40-bananapi-m2-ultra.dtb.pre.tmp for errors
    scripts/Makefile.lib:333: recipe for target 'arch/arm/dts/sun8i-r40-bananapi-m2-ultra.dtb' failed
    make[2]: *** [arch/arm/dts/sun8i-r40-bananapi-m2-ultra.dtb] Error 1
    make[2]: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....
    Error: arch/arm/dts/sun8i-r40.dtsi:1221.2-5 syntax error
    FATAL ERROR: Unable to parse input tree
    Check /tmp/u-boot/arch/arm/dts/.sun8i-v40-bananapi-m2-berry.dtb.pre.tmp for errors
    scripts/Makefile.lib:333: recipe for target 'arch/arm/dts/sun8i-v40-bananapi-m2-berry.dtb' failed
    make[2]: *** [arch/arm/dts/sun8i-v40-bananapi-m2-berry.dtb] Error 1
    dts/Makefile:43: recipe for target 'arch-dtbs' failed
    make[1]: *** [arch-dtbs] Error 2
    Makefile:1144: recipe for target 'dts/dt.dtb' failed
    make: *** [dts/dt.dtb] Error 2

it was my mistake when doing some tests I left some commented lines, trying to

Hi Juan,

Thanks for your response. Do you mean that you are correcting the script? if so, please let me know once you are done. I will give it a try.

Thanks, -Loganathan

Hi, I have been using the system with the current changes, if you want to test the changes I would appreciate it

I need SPI on M2U and I’m struggling to get armbian current image work. u-boot start, it tries to load the kernel and then restart again.

I’ve been able to run BPI images but u-boot and kernels are too old as you notice. Same power supply, same microsd card. My board has an A40i.

Can you confirm you can still run the current armbian for m2u image?