[BPI-M2U] New image: Android6.0 (Beta Version)

Android 6.0 2017-03-06 for BPI-M2-Ultra

Release Note:

  1. WIFI - Supported
  2. GMAC - Supported
  3. LCD Display- Supported
  4. SD Card Boot - Not Supported (Please use the Emmc Boot)

(Burn Emmc) How to:

HDMI-Version & LCD-Version

Google Drive:

Baidu Cloud:


MD5: ae5ad08741fe1d06c4d901ea24d6971f

Video Demo:

its not booting! what can be wrong ?

да, нефига не грузится :frowning:

Нормально грузится. LiveSuite в помощь :slight_smile:

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Только у меня звука нет?

please burn it to eMMC ,and test to boot android.

Yes, it’s booting from mmc, but no audio over hdmi. It’s normal? And, how android 6 can be rooted? I want to install Google services and IR receiver configuration

уже снес. звука через hdmi небыло. на 4pda отписался.

Success rooted by KingRoot. Then i install SuperSu. Now try to install Google services =)

I also do not have sound. Both hdmi and jack. Is it possible to fix this?

edit: got sound on 3.5mm jack:

ln -s /dev/snd/pcmC0D0p /dev/snd/pcmC1D0p

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Which version of kingroot did you used? Mine can’t do the trick. I don’t know why it is not rooted in the first place.

Last version, from official kingroot website

Are you sure you used kingroot, not kingOroot? https://kingroot.net vs https://www.kingoapp.com/

Thanks to BPI Team. Do you have plan to release source code? I really expect to be release source code soon. (I don’t care even if Beta Version.)

I’m asking here too: how compile mali_drm.ko? It’s stop me for using kodi))

Hi, how about low battary blocks? (Camera, addons atc…)

Anxiously waiting for the non beta version. What is the plan? Thanks Etienne

why it cannot use SD Card boot ? instructions for eMMC ??