[BPI-M2U] New image: Android6.0 (Beta Version)

Android 6.0 2017-03-06 for BPI-M2-Ultra

Release Note:

  1. WIFI - Supported
  2. GMAC - Supported
  3. LCD Display- Supported
  4. SD Card Boot - Not Supported (Please use the Emmc Boot)

(Burn Emmc) How to:

HDMI-Version & LCD-Version

Google Drive:

Baidu Cloud:


MD5: ae5ad08741fe1d06c4d901ea24d6971f

Video Demo:

its not booting! what can be wrong ?

да, нефига не грузится :frowning:

Нормально грузится. LiveSuite в помощь :slight_smile:

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Только у меня звука нет?

please burn it to eMMC ,and test to boot android.

Yes, it’s booting from mmc, but no audio over hdmi. It’s normal? And, how android 6 can be rooted? I want to install Google services and IR receiver configuration

уже снес. звука через hdmi небыло. на 4pda отписался.

Success rooted by KingRoot. Then i install SuperSu. Now try to install Google services =)

I also do not have sound. Both hdmi and jack. Is it possible to fix this?

edit: got sound on 3.5mm jack:

ln -s /dev/snd/pcmC0D0p /dev/snd/pcmC1D0p

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Which version of kingroot did you used? Mine can’t do the trick. I don’t know why it is not rooted in the first place.

Last version, from official kingroot website

Are you sure you used kingroot, not kingOroot? https://kingroot.net vs https://www.kingoapp.com/

Thanks to BPI Team. Do you have plan to release source code? I really expect to be release source code soon. (I don’t care even if Beta Version.)

I’m asking here too: how compile mali_drm.ko? It’s stop me for using kodi))

Hi, how about low battary blocks? (Camera, addons atc…)

Anxiously waiting for the non beta version. What is the plan? Thanks Etienne