BPI M2U Cannot detect eMMC when running Ubuntu Xenial Minimal

After successfully booting Ubuntu Xenial minimal on a brand new M2U board from a microSD card, the onboard eMMC storage is not being detected. Running sudo fdisk -l only shows/dev/mmcblk0 (which is the SD card) but not /dev/mmcblk1 (which would be the eMMC).

I ran the bpi-update utility but that didn’t fix the issue either.

In some places in the forum it says that the fix is in images created after 2016-11-28. The latest Ubuntu Xenial minimal version however, is dated 2016-09-29.

So is it because of the OS image that I can’t see the eMMC or could it be something else?

If OS, how soon can an updated version of Ubuntu Xenial minimal be made available so that the eMMC is detected? @sinovoip ?

At minimum, I want to find out if I have a bad board with a non-functioning eMMC.

Still hoping @sinovoip can let me know if and when newer Ubuntu images will be made available.

Meanwhile, I did try out the latest Debian 8 Jessie Lite image and the eMMC was detected. I was also able to flash it with the same Debian image and am now able to boot up Debian directly from the eMMC storage.

Note that the Debian image I used is dated 2016-11-29.

yes, we will update new image soon.

While waiting for an update, try the following: Try looking in the fstab file to see what’s listed. The eMMC may require an added entry to be seen.

Once in fstab, you may have to formally partion and format the device to get it running.

I believe fstab is in /etc. Read up about what it does in Linux. Mounting may be another requirement.