BPI-M2M(R16) New Image Release : Ubuntu Server 16.04 2019-05-09

Banana Pi BPI-M2M New Image Release : Ubuntu Server 16.04


1.About this release

  • This release is for banana pi M2 Magic board which is based on R16, and it is based on Ubuntu 16.04 Operation system with kernel 3.4.

2.BPI-M2M Ubuntu Server 16.04 Features Map

3.LCD7 Emmc version image:

  • Notes : Because sd pins and uart0 pins are the same, so we have to use uart2 as debug console before, and I release this image is just in order to release uart2 to use and set uart0 as debug console.

    image image

  • How to burn image? you just need to use m2m boot from a sd image, then use sd image to install this emmc image on emmc.

  • For Example :

    please prepare this:
    1. install this image 
    2019-04-08-ubuntu-16.04-server-preview-bpi-m2m-sd-emmc.img.zip (link: 
    https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jrW7BKWblRyYYpgB6SEMnRWoGjREVexe/view) on your sd 
    2. then plug this sd card to m2m, power on m2m
    3. mv this image 2019-05-08-ubuntu-16.04-server-16.04-bpi-m2m-emmc.img.zip (link : 
    https://drive.google.com/open?id=1vJqO2O47Ekq9diny7kZQKBQLXylCGuTG) to your u disk.
    4. plug this u disk to your m2m usb interface.
    5. mount this u disk on m2m, then "bpi-copy image 2019-05-08-ubuntu-16.04-server-16.04- 
    bpi-m2m-emmc.img.zip" to install image on Emmc
    6. finish     


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Hello, thank you for the post. I copied the image to SD-card and it seems to load well (LEDs are on/blinking) but, as soon as I don’t have a display, I can’t setup wi-fi. Can you give any advice, please ?

I’m very interested. besides a suitable adapter, what sort of configuration is required to get a 4 Lane MIPI LCD working like this?

I’m specifically thinking of using a LS055R1SX04


Rune Kyndal