BPI-M2M new image: ubuntu-16.04-mate-desktop-preview3-bpi-m2m-sd-emmc 2017-5-12

BPI-M2M new image: ubuntu-16.04-mate-desktop-preview3-bpi-m2m-sd-emmc 2017-5-12

file name: 2017-05-12-ubuntu-16.04-mate-desktop-preview3-bpi-m2m-sd-emmc.img.zip

What’s new?Do you have release note?

Bpi is too low for desktop os. But powerful for server. You may do acent to server orientation?

How did you connect a smartphone screen to the DSI connector?

yes. use MIPI interface. :slight_smile: and this screen can use on BPI-M3, M2 Ultra …and others . just can not use on M1/M1+ ,for M1/M1+ usr RGB interface.

Wow! What screen model is ? Smartphone model ? But I think touchscreen is not functional.

we have two modue now , 7.0 can use all banana pi board support LVDS and MIPI, smartphone srceen just support mipi interface.:slight_smile:


How I can burn this image to eMMC

can i connect this display over mipi DSI http://rongyudz.com/upload/file/1/HSD088IPW1-A%20Preliminary%20Specification%20v1.1(1).pdf on banana pi m2 berry

I’m very interested.

besides a suitable adapter, what sort of configuration is required to get a 4 Lane MIPI LCD working like this? I’m specifically thinking of using a LS055R1SX04

Thanks Rune Kyndal