BPI-M2 Zero won't boot on SD after bad eMMC flash

Had it running from the SD and wanted to flash to the eMMC. After I shut down and rent to reboot on internal I had nothing. Can’t get my M2 Zero to boot from SD now. I just get a flicker on the screen and my red LED blinks fast then stays on, then blinks fast. Not sure where to go to start over and get my SD booting again.

m2 zero no emmc…

…ok, but I’m still not booting. So I’m looking for:

Suggestions on why the SD card is not booting after attempting to write the OS to memory on the BPI-0. I’ve used new, (fresh) copies of the OS on my SD card that worked before and nothing. No signal from HDMI, so working blind.

Bonus points… Is there a blink code associated with the red LED on the board trying to tell me what’s wrong? Long steady red , pulsing red blink. Long steady red, pulsing blink?

Did you try on a new SD card?

I haven’t tried a new SD. It seems weird, I should be able to format and rewrite, but I understand. I had a motorcycle once that had old spark plugs. They were gapped correctly, they made spark, but the bike wouldn’t run. Someone said get fresh, I did and the bike ran… I’ll pick up a new SD and see what happens and get back to you.

OK, New SD card and same issues. It doesn’t appear to be booting. P-BI LED comes on. Monitor light goes from red to green to imply some signal, then blinks off with a no signal warning and the B-PI LED flashes, process repeats… This made me suspect the HDMI and I’ve changed monitors and I’ve got it running. It was just a bad monitor! So, thank you to all who lent comments towards a solution. Case closed.

Glad that works!!!

Could be the cable or if you have a HDMI to VGA adapter, it often causes problems.