BPI-M2 Zero with Armbian 24.8.0 jammy lost wifi

Hello all

I’ve just got a problem with a M2 Zero that was working for several weeks. I had it configured with wireless and wired network with no problems. It contains basically octoprint software to control my 3D printer. Today I did some update and upgrade and I’ve lost wireless device. I can only connect using the wired eth and when I try to consult wireless status I get this error:

    root@bananapim2zero:/etc/modprobe.d# iwconfig
    lo        no wireless extensions.
    enx00e04c3609cc  no wireless extensions.

If I search for wlan* devices I cant find any on /dev

root@bananapim2zero:/etc/modprobe.d# ls /dev
autofs           dri        hwrng    loop0         media0     pts     snd        tty12  tty21  tty30  tty4   tty49  tty58  ttyGS0    uinput   vcs6   vcsu2      zram1
block            ecryptfs   i2c-0    loop1         mem        ram0    spidev0.0  tty13  tty22  tty31  tty40  tty5   tty59  ttyS0     uleds    vcsa   vcsu3      zram2
btrfs-control    fb0        i2c-1    loop2         mmcblk0    ram1    stderr     tty14  tty23  tty32  tty41  tty50  tty6   ttyS2     urandom  vcsa1  vcsu4
bus              fd         i2c-2    loop3         mmcblk0p1  ram2    stdin      tty15  tty24  tty33  tty42  tty51  tty60  ttyS3     v4l      vcsa2  vcsu5
cec0             full       i2c-3    loop4         mqueue     ram3    stdout     tty16  tty25  tty34  tty43  tty52  tty61  ttyS4     vcs      vcsa3  vcsu6
char             fuse       initctl  loop5         net        random  tty        tty17  tty26  tty35  tty44  tty53  tty62  ttyS5     vcs1     vcsa4  video0
console          gpiochip0  input    loop6         null       rfkill  tty0       tty18  tty27  tty36  tty45  tty54  tty63  ttyS6     vcs2     vcsa5  watchdog
cpu_dma_latency  gpiochip1  kmsg     loop7         port       rtc     tty1       tty19  tty28  tty37  tty46  tty55  tty7   ttyS7     vcs3     vcsa6  watchdog0
cuse             hidraw0    lirc0    loop-control  ppp        rtc0    tty10      tty2   tty29  tty38  tty47  tty56  tty8   ubi_ctrl  vcs4     vcsu   zero
disk             hidraw1    log      mapper        ptmx       shm     tty11      tty20  tty3   tty39  tty48  tty57  tty9   uhid      vcs5     vcsu1  zram0

some ideas?

Not sure if I can explain how to reproduce this issue because I was trying to make it work an e-ink screen and did several changes too using armbian-config until on a reboot I end on this problem.

Got it. We limit support on stock images - that is already hard enough to secure. Check if you somehow uninstall armbian-firmware …

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