[BPI-M2-Zero] ST7789 tft SPI display

Hello, I am trying to use a 240x240 ST7789 tft display https://www.waveshare.com/wiki/1.54inch_LCD_Module with my BPi M2 Zero via SPI, however I can’t display any test image on it. I’m currently using Armbian Buster 5.10.60 image and an original display library from Waveshare (for RPi). I have spidev0.0 in /dev, so I guess everything is fine with SPI. Do you guys use some other library to run ST7789 displays with BPi board and if so, can you share or link it? Thans for help

This interesting me too! Recieved 240x240 display last week, but only led working)) Raspberry Pi Game zero 2W/2B/3B+/4B 1.54inch mini LCD touchscreen https://spotpear.com/index/product/detail/id/70.html

I have same problem. I need to connect wavesahre 3.5 inc lcd (a) to my bpi-M2z raspbian. But not found any driver or instruction.