BPI-M2 Zero new image :2017-11-13-ubuntu-16.04-mate-desktop-beta-bpi-m2z-sd-emmc.img


  1. based on ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS Mate Desktop
  2. support BPI-M2 Zero (H3 / H2+) kernel 3.4.113
  3. username & password: pi/bananapi , root/bananapi
  4. support HDMI 720P (default)
  5. support usb ethernet
  6. support WIFI
  7. support BT (with bluetoothctl can setup)
  8. support UART
  9. support I2C (test with bpi_test_lcd1602)
  10. support SPI (test with bpi_test_hello & bpi_test_52pi)
  11. support DVFS (pmu type: gpio PL01 switch 1.1V / 1.3V)
  12. support power key (getevent can test)
  13. support OTG (can connect to usb hub)
  14. support CAMERA ov5640 (guvcview / cap / ffmpeg-3.1.4 support video H.264 hw encode)
  15. support boot.scr to fatload zImage
  16. support bpi-bootsel
  17. support bpi-copy
  18. support video play with vdpau (mpv)
  19. support mali gpu (glmark2-es2 can test)
  20. support xrdp
  21. support chromium 62.0.3202.75
  22. support wiringpi 2.44 (https://github.com/BPI-SINOVOIP/WiringPi, thanks to http://wiringpi.com/ & https://github.com/WiringPi/WiringPi)
  23. support rpi.gpio 0.6.3 for python (https://github.com/BPI-SINOVOIP/RPi.GPIO, thanks to https://sourceforge.net/projects/raspberry-gpio-python/)
  24. Thanks for linux-sunxi community (http://linux-sunxi.org/)
  25. Thanks for armbian (http://www.armbian.com)
  26. Special thanks for Alex support with camera functions (https://github.com/avafinger)
  27. ref. https://github.com/BPI-SINOVOIP/BPI-M2Z-bsp
  28. ref. https://bananapi.gitbooks.io/bpi-m2-/content/en/

Google Drive:

baidu cloud:


MD5: 8497e0ec059c3dc323abdb4fcf19fa1c

FILESIZE: 1724354650 (~1644MB) UNPACK: 7296MB (eMMC size)


What would be the last version? how to compile the drivers to support kernel upgrade?

Hello all. I`ve made a review video about the Banana Pi M2 Zero with this distro.

Here it is, I hope you`ll like it. Thank you, greetings. NicoD

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Thank you for the img. It has been the most stable GUI one I’ve used so far.

I’m however having no luck in getting external USB wireless adapters to load. lsusb shows them, but the modules are not present.

Bus 001 Device 004: ID 0bda:8812 Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8812AU 802.11a/b/g/n/ac WLAN Adapter Bus 001 Device 003: ID 148f:7601 Ralink Technology, Corp. MT7601U Wireless Adapter

Do you know where I can go to find/build the modules for these devices on your image?

Hello,You could build your own kernel to support this, Here is Bpi_Zero BSP code:

After you built it,I will tell you how to update your image.

Thank you, Ill look into that and let you know.

So what is the SU pass?? Why is LOCKED?? why is there no accesible GRUB ?It is usseless system when i cant even go to internet without su pass… wtf! what a jocke!

Beautiful OS, however, after one upgrade, memory consumption went up to 200MB SWAP and 400MB of RAM. Continuous disk access, system slow down, mouse unresponsive, wifi deactivates intermittently… Not sure what’s going on, but I would suggest a more lightweight approach than mate (try Lubuntu).

As for the user above: default username: Pi Default password: bananapi Default root: root Default password: bananapi