BPI-M2-Zero Images with working Bluetooth

Hello everybody, I have a question does someone know where I can find a Image with working bluetooth? I tried the raspbian, ubuntu and some other images, but on now I got bluetooth to work. I can scan for devices but connecting, doesn’t work, it always fails (I tried, phones, 2 keyboards, headphones [some BLE so “normal”]). I even tried to build bluez new, downgrade bluez, I tried other Bluetooth dongles, I even wanted to rebuild the Image and / or kernel(but that was to complicated) Since I’m a total hardware and Linux noob, just trying random Post from the internet, the have more or less the same Error message didn’t solve the issue. Can someone help?

I would even settle for a good manual how to create an own Image, and pointers which drivers I would need and how to configure.

I know it’s alot to ask, but I invested / wasted weeks, and I’m thinking on throwing away the board and just settling for a RaspberryPiZero. :frowning: Since I don’t see / find a solution.

Post the following output files from the Image you can scan other bt devices:

  • uname -ra > kernel.txt
  • dmesg > bootlog.txt
  • hcitool devi > bt.txt

And also post the " Error message" you receive.

Thanks for the Fast Response here are the 3 files. I’m not sure which of my debugging Images this one is, but I think this is the image (2018-07-07-raspbian-jessie-preview-bpi-m2z-sd-emmc.img) upgraded.

(the wireless connection seem a bit slow, but work)

Would you know may a distro that works best wit Banana Pi Zero M2?

The Error Message does say much but here it is:

[bluetooth]# connect 00:22:41:D9:61:F3
Attempting to connect to 00:22:41:D9:61:F3
[CHG] Device 00:22:41:D9:61:F3 Connected: yes
Failed to connect: org.bluez.Error.Failed
[CHG] Device 00:22:41:D9:61:F3 Connected: no

bootlog.txt (35,2 KB) bt.bt.txt (33 Bytes) kernel.txt (101 Bytes)

I don’t see anything wrong with your bluetooth despite the error. BPI has bt working with keyboard. What device is that? There is this minimalist image that works with phones at least: https://github.com/avafinger/bananapi-zero-ubuntu-base-minimal

If you want to build your own Image you can try Armbian.

Thank you for your help. I will checkout the github link you sent, and see if I can set it up. It sounds exactly like the image i was looking for.

btw.: the Keyboards I tried was some noname keyboard and one gen2 apple Keyboard.

I am also confirming avaf images that state bluetooth support do work, they successfully pair with my keyboards.