BPi M2 Zero dose not start after Raspbian shutdown

Hello my friend, Hope everything is well.

I have just bought a brand new BPiM2Zero and I have put the Raspbian Image on an SD and made the little guy start and work OK, I have managed to set up Wifi and also static IP and everything went great until I had to shutdown the device and after a day I needed to turn it ON again, and with no luck at all!

The OS will not start. I can see the LED lighting but nothing on the screen at all.

First I thought that I did something wrong and I have put the image again on SD and did all over, It worked fine till I had to shut it down and turn it on after a day ( there is a need for me to turn it of and turn it on after a day since I am working on it in two different places… Well I am trying to do that… But no matter what the reason is - it SHOULD turn ON after shutting off and even after a day or two or even a month… My RPiZeroW works flawlessly every time with Raspbian as well)

Well I am sure missing something here - Even tried BOTH of the buttons on the board with no luck at all.

I am now facing a third time of installation and I am not going to do that without knowing if it is the right thing to do - I lost everything I worked on on both last times and I want to make sure I can turn it back on after Shutdown without the need of reinstalling the OS Every time - if that will be the case I will probably give up and not working with it at all.

Please assist - I am sure that this is something that I am doing wrong and not the device - surely it is basics and I am probably missing out on something here.

Thanks for your help. Aryeduino

At start I posted it in the wrong place - but now I think that my post is in the right place - Hoping to get assistance.