BPI-M2 Zero - Armbian - How to set up WiFi network?

I just set up a banana pi m2 zero with armbian, and I cant figure out how to set up wifi.

Armbian-config is no longer included with armbian, so their documentation isnt helpful.

I tried editing /etc/network/interfaces and adding my SSID but it’s still not connecting.

Are there any built-in wifi tools?

it was never included in minimal images. just install it with: apt install armbian-config

See but I cant install it because I don’t have internet, lol

That’s what I need it for :stuck_out_tongue:

you don’t need armbian-config to connect to wireless. armbian-config is just a wrapper.


Awesome, I’ll take a look at that, thank you!

my friend

you can do it with nmtui you just run it from the terminal

sudo nmtui