BPI-M2 with latest Bananian - enabling graphics hangs on boot

Hello, so my problem is that I can not find any solution how to enable graphics in headless configurated Bananian. I am quite familiar with Linux (even running arch) but I had no idea how to enable graphics. I looked into uboot config (boot.cmd) and found out there are additional arguments for kernel 3.x.x that are not present in kernel 4.x.x. I’ve read sunxi wiki to read about them and I know they are indeed what I am looking for. Well, I added disp.screen0_output_mode=1280x720p60 to arguments and finally I saw output on my screen. But booting took almost 3 times longer (ok, I can deal with it and understand that RAM has more to do now). However, the real problem comes when booting progresses further (somewhere around USB initializations) where everything just stops and the only sign of life is blinking cursor. I don’t know why it hangs, but sure thing is my device works pretty good without graphics enabled. Also, when graphics is enabled I can see some USB EHCI errors (all of them are error code -110 and in the end I can see device enumeration error), right after them my device hangs. I don’t think it might be the reason why boot stops, but I’m not sure. When booting in headless mode I’ve checked and these errors do not happen.

I’ve tried so far setting different resolutions and many combinations of gpu memory reservations. I found that no matter what resolution I set it is still 1920x1080.

So how do I enable graphics and what causes kernel to hang?