BPi M2-Ultra PMP support

Hi, I see ont he wiki that this boar might be compatible with PMP. I try to follow the same procedure describe in the wiki (cancelling the NO_PMP costant from sunxi_ahci.c but seems nothing happend. Any suggestion?

I’m also looking for PMP on the M2U. If someone could help us I would be very thankful!

we not test this function;

below is allwinner document about sata. SATA • One SATA Host controller • Supports SATA 1.5Gb/s and SATA 3.0Gb/s • Compliant with SATA spec 2.6 and AHCI Revision 1.3 specifications • Supports external SATA(eSATA) • Supports power management features including automatic Partial to Slumber transition

you can check dirver ,it not support PMP

Somebody try this Link

No, that method only works with kernel version 4.x+

R40 is just quad core version of A20, so I guess recompiling kernel will work… Maybe?

I need support for kernel 4.x cause I’m planning upgrading my NAS, but for months, still Sunxi is saying it is under work in progress.