BPI-M2 Ultra new image:ubuntu-mate-16.04-Xenial-edu-docker-demo-bpi-m2u.img 2016-9-26


  1. based on ubuntu 16.04 mate from bpi-m3-mate (http://opensource.ntpc.edu.tw/)
  2. BPI-M2U kernel 3.10.65
  3. username & password: pi/bananapi , root/bananapi
  4. support HDMI 1080P & 720P(default)
  5. support GMAC
  6. support WIFI
  7. support SATA
  8. support uEnv.txt to fatload uImage
  9. support uEnv.txt to set video 1080P & 720P & 480P …
  10. support camera (tinacameratest app support photo / video H.264 hw encode)
  11. support video play 1080p with vdpau (mpv, vlc, smplayer)
  12. support docker ( included ubuntu & debian image)
  13. support nodejs
  14. support node-red
  15. included many apps for edu
  16. support scratch 2 online with scratchx
  17. special thanks to the team of http://opensource.ntpc.edu.tw/

info: need >= 16GB SD and not use for eMMC(8GB)

Google Drive:

MD5: 7c24c95a262edd8b7b5b7d70813c013a

Hello everyone, Well, I am running the Ubuntu Mate image on the BPi M2U and mostly pleased, but there are a few odd items.

A. Password defaults. There seems to be a user “pi” with the original password “bananapi” and of course the “root” via SU with the same password “bananapi”

B. User “pi” is neither a default user nor the Root, but is a ‘custom’ configuration in User and Groups.

This creates several odd behaviors.

  1. Sound seems to be not permitted for “Pi”
  2. Downgrading “pi” to a regular user seems impossible
  3. Password changes for “pi” are refused as apparently “pi” and “root” somewhat the same.

C. Another odd behavior is that Google Chrome demands a password to be loaded from the Keyring. Of course, I’ve no idea if it is the ‘root’ or ‘pi’ as the passwords are the same.

++++++ I am working to clean this us.

I’ve already created another user called “Banana” with password “banana” so that I can determine what should be normal configuration. Google Chrome will play YouTube with audio… sometimes.


Obviously, the important first conclusion here is that having Root and Users share the same password is a lousy idea.

And creating a Custom rather than a default user is another step futher into stupidity.

New users have enough to do with standard settings that are clear. BOTH these actions just make it harder for new users to confirm their BananaPi device is in good working order.

IMHO Negative impressions will convert to less popularity and less sales.

I happen to be a long time Linux user, so I am moving ahead with confirming the BananaPi M2U is configured correctly.


D. The only other item to mention is that there seems to be no support for the CPU temperature sensor in Ubuntu as what software is provided doesn’t seem to be Allwinner-Sunxi aware.

I want to monitor temperature to determine stability, so I am trying to figure out a fix.