[BPI-M2 Ultra & BPI-M2 Berry] New image: Android 6.0 (Version:V1) 2017-08-25

Android 6.0 2017-08-25 for BPI-M2 Ultra & BPI-M2 Berry

Git commit : 6ff036416a91c3373a7c85c4af2882af49d631fc

Release Note:

  1. Android 6.0
  2. GMAC supported
  3. WIFI 802.11 b/g/n supported
  4. Bluetooth 4.0 supported
  5. USB Camera supported

Know issue:

  1. Camera ov5640 not supported
  2. MIC not supported
  3. Headset not supported


Google Drive:

Baidu Cloud:


MD5: c65fa4c20b8a6d2d05bfd32b090c3570


Google Drive:

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Google Drive:

Baidu Cloud:


MD5: 6cda3453d9524643c8f92fcdc8deb32f

BPI-M2 Ultra

uses LCD’5

uses LCD’7

BPI-M2 Berry

uses LCD’5

uses LCD’7

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Does anybody tried this image? I see this picture on my HDMI screen in forever loop

Update: Need to remove SD-Card from SDCard slot

Hi, thanks for your work. But my Banana PI M2 Berry wont boot with this images. I tried a lot of sd cards and it doesnt boot. Only the green LED comes on.


Does any body have find out how to properly install android on Banana pi m2 berry ?

This same :confused: on Berry without eMMC. Don´t working . After boot from SD card, lighting green LED only. That’s all :confused:

muy buena …pero como hacer para tener audio en salida de auriculares, gracias

Sorry for my english… If I using U3 class card, Androind not booting. (Freezing on green LED status.) I tried use SDHC card class10 and my Banana working. Random maybe, but some experience for you. :wink: Have a nice day and thanks author :smiley:

Have any body installed this image successfully? and if yes how?? Is there gpu driver in this image ? Or it is just like the others : missing several drivers, which are present not working properly and stuff like that.

hello…someone has knowledge of how to change the start image with a logo or some moving image … thanks


i tried a lot of SD Cards. Sandisk Extreme, Intenso, Toshiba and so on. Nothing worked, but then i took a cheap Qumox 32 GB SDHC and it runs very great, stable and fast. Play Store is in Image too and works without Error’s. I hope this helps somebody.


Hi I tried it but my screen is flickering continuously? Its resolution is 1080/1920 60. setting in android is same. UBUNTU has no issue with same setup.

I’m using it on an m2 ultra hdmi out to a 24" tv. Installed kodi, I get minor flickers but everything seems to be working well. You can’t install to an SD, it has to be burned to emmc.

Somehow the system isn’t booting when I burn the image on an microSD. Anyone has an idea why? Ubuntu and raspbian are working on the other hand…


Made it working. U have to use phoenix card to burn the image and use startup mode… image

Have the image for 32G SDcard?

Bonjour I installed Android 6 (version present in the download) for LCD7. I connected a 7 “screen on the Banana-Pi, I have the display on the screen 7” and another screen connected to the HDMI port. Until all is well, except that my 7 "screen is a touch screen and the touch does not work with this android! Would anyone have the solution to have the touch function?

J’ai installé Android 6 (version présente dans le téléchargement) pour LCD7. J’ai branché un écran 7" sur la Banana-Pi, j’ai l’affichage sur l’ecran 7" ainsi que sur un autre écran branché sur le port HDMI. Jusque la tout va bien, sauf que mon écran 7" est un écran tactile et que le tactile ne fonctionne pas avec cet android! Quelqu’un aurait il la solution pour avoir la fonction tactile?

The Phoenix Card Software, which you mentioned isn’t avaiable for Mac OS… :frowning: I tried with dd disk dump via terminal and this HDMI Image, it won’t work on M2 Berry :confused: sadly. I have an fast Sandisk SD Card. Any recommendations? Balea Etcher, which i use normally says there aren’t any partition table. :confused: how do you flashed succesfully?

can someone kindly please post the link to the downloadable image file for Android ? the link in Google drive is not public ! and the link on that other service is Chinese Only!!

I face the same issue on Mac too… I did not have luck with any method under Mac… Now image copy should act the same on any OS, so I am suspecting the issue is related to the SD Card itself (I figured that size, brand, etc. make a difference) no idea its a trial and error - can someone assist how to successfully burn the image on Mac and a working image to use for Android ??

PhönixCard doesnt work … what i should use to create the bootable sdcard?

I use ELECROW 7 Inch HDMI Touchscreen Monitor as Display, should i use LCD’7 , or how should i deal with it?