BPI-M2 Suddent power-cut off issue with android image


I had been facing this problem for sometime now, in some places where I guess the power fluctuate the android image get stuck after re-booting. Like today when I was trying to add another USB device to BPI which sucked the power out and BPI shut down unexpectedly. After that it would not restart, I only get to see the Green Android image and after that the screen goes blank.

FYI: I am using BPI-M1 and Android 4.2 image; please please help me, I already have my devices rolled out to my customers and they are after my throat to get that fixed.

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance

are you use DC power or OTG power. please try to use DC power , it can support enough power.

I am using DC power, for sure… I think what must be happening is that at the time of writing some data back to SDcard if the power fluctuate or fails it corrupts the card. This is just my guess but lets say if that is to be true. Is there a way that I create a partition on my SDcard and keep the OS partition read-only. Which means in the worst case scenario I will have to just re-install my app and I should be good to go. please suggest if that works in any way?


you sure it not sleep. for android image ,when it runing android os , have a auto sleep mode , please check setting menu ,and clolse this opiton .

It can be one of many problems of course. M1 takes more power than you imagine. Connect a power supply with at least 1.5 amps. Also, make sure to connected it to the power port near the SATA port not the USB OTG port near the SD card.

Hi I had connected Touch Monitor through HDMI with BPI M@ and was working fine. Suddenly the the monitor displays NO Signal…I did try everything…Checked Power supply and Output Voltage as well.

Now I cannot see anything on display…Blank screen…

How to overcome this issue??

Are you sure the power supply provides enough amps? I think that may very likely be the problem.

Do you use 2 amps power?

Yes. I found android image takes more power than Linux images. Sometimes android will crash unexpectedly, make sure you have a 2A power adapter and a good Micro USB cable. Buy expensive cables. They make a difference.