BPI-M2 stability Problems

Hi at all,

first I am writing you from germany so excuse me for my bad english please.

Here’s my problem:

I’m using a BPI-M2, running ARMBIAN 4.9.12-sunxi. I’m using it as a usenet downloading machine and as a small NAS with OMV installed on it. As usenet clienet I’m running sabnzbd. I want my BPI to do all the downloading for me while I’m sleeping or at work so my download list gets kind of full like 20 to 25 nzb files. But for some reason my BPI freezes very often. The only external device that is plugged in is a USB 2.0 HDD which is using it’s own power supply. For the BPI I’m using the original Raspberry Pi power supply which delivers 2.5A at 5.1V.

So what could be the reason for that ? Do i need a more powerful power supply ?

Thanks for your help,


Of course not. You just need one that uses the approriate connector (the barrel jack and not the Micro USB port). Your freezes are related to under-voltage and this will cure this: https://aliexpress.com/item/orange-pi-orange-pi-plus-Europe-Power-Adapter-5V-2A-Europe-Power-Supply/32281484383.html