BPI M2 OFF state current


My BPI M2 board current consumption is about 80mA in off state. Everything was disconnected form the board after power down, only the battery is connected. It is too high so I measured the power supply voltages that are available on test points.

PS=4.08V VCC_RTC=3.03V

All the other power supply should be 0V, however VCC_3V0=0,802V VCC_5V=3,8V


I think this causes the high off state current. In off state only RTC should work, so idle current must be a few mA. I will use the battery to supply the RTC in off state and for correct power-off in case of missing external power. Anyway the board works perfectly, probably we will use it in our product as a web interface for our instruments.

What is the off state current of your boards?