BPI-M2 New image (Ubunut15.04 uses kernel4.1.6 v4.0) released

Release Note: 1.Kernel 4.1.6 optimized 2.Gigabit Ethernet supported 3.WIFI not supported yet

Image 23E9D52AD28DCC5ACCA9115C3B63B687

Download Link: Google

Download Link: BIDU


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Could you please send a link with english texts?

Why? Tommorow they release a new image based on kernel 4.2 and next week with 4.2.1 and so on…

Instead of maintaining the OS images they release in a sane way and provide an upgrade path (so easy on Debian/Ubuntu – just provide .debs with kernel/libs/u-boot or even better a BPi-Debian-repository so kernel/u-boot upgrades can be done using apt) they want all the user to start over and over again every few days/weeks.

I wanted to control what’s different to my own 4.1 image. And also I wanted to see, who has the nicer dektop background picture :wink: