BPI-M2 new image:Ubuntu XFCE 14.04 for GPU SGX544MP2 (20160101)

Ubuntu XFCE 14.04 for BPI-M2 GPU PowerVR SGX544MP2 (20160101)

  1. BPI-M2 kernel 3.3
  2. username & password: pi/bananapi , root/bananapi , bananapi/bananapi
  3. support GMAC
  4. support WIFI
  5. support xrdp
  6. support arduino IDE
  7. support scratch / S4A / S4A(motoduino)
  8. support GPU PowerVR SGX544MP2
  9. with glmark2 gpu demo

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Baidu Cloud:

MD5: 7aa60a1d0bae3ffa27feec21bd35e262

Banana Pi BPI-M2 A31S runs Ubuntu 14.04 xfce desktop , play video and GPU glmark2 test

Banana Pi BPI-M2 screensaver with 3D

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Is the image in 720p or 1080p? The last XFCE image was in 720p w/o option to go to 1080p.

support 720P and 1080P ,it have option choose .:slight_smile:

Thanks. I will test it on my M2.

Are those source code of drivers of the image opened? Thanks.

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This has been fixed long time ago in u-boot. But it seems the Banana guys have a faible for really outdated software:

  • u-boot from 2011
  • kernel 3.3.0 (really?) from 2012
  • glmark2 bench also from 2012

Releasing this in 2016 is a bit weird. @sinovoip please tell us where we find both sources for kernel and the userland code to get GPU and video acceleration. Or do you only provide BLOBs (possible GPL violation)?

I saw that there are OS images provided by 3rd parties that are based on mainline kernel. Given the many security flaws in your old kernel 3.3.0 and the tons of USB fixes alone I ask myself… and you of course… why you didn’t consider to release also an OS image that’s based on kernel 4.x with working GPU/video acceleration? Is there a specific reason to provide outdated/insecure/buggy software?

I downloaded the image, which wasn’t easy either (connection lost several times, but wget helped). Wrote to SD just to see that it is a very buggy/laggy 3D support, which would be OK, if the first post didn’t say “support GPU PowerVR SGX544MP2”. Maybe “partial support” or “support for basic openGL functions” would be better.

Calling the bpi-bootsel tool to set the resolution to 1080p rendered the system unusable (system boots without video).

Bravo. :rage:

I think I will stick to Armbian (http://www.armbian.com/), it’s so clean and neat. You get 4.4 kernel, you can install X with whatever desktop environment and window manager you like (I opted for the lightweight lxde) and you can also build and use the fbturbo graphics driver (as described here: http://linux-sunxi.org/Xorg), which will give you good enough 2D performance. As for the moment, on-board sound does not work, but any USB sound card will do.

Oh, now I see, there is no 1080p option at all with GPU support!!!

What a pity …

Wow, is all I can say. You are really convinced that your customers are idiots, true? The manga ‘video’ you show here is almost statically and can be easily decoded by a CPU core.

It might have a reason that the video stops right before showing the final glmark2 score since the results are horribly bad:

[shading] shading=blinn-phong-inf: FPS: 112 FrameTime: 8.929 ms
[shading] shading=phong: FPS: 103 FrameTime: 9.709 ms
[bump] bump-render=high-poly: FPS: 72 FrameTime: 13.889 ms
[bump] bump-render=normals: FPS: 143 FrameTime: 6.993 ms
[bump] bump-render=height: FPS: 141 FrameTime: 7.092 ms

Even the first single core Raspberry Pi with 700 MHz shows way better results: https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=5702

Is this really all we can expect from you? Fake videos showing the opposite of what’s being promoted?

I fear I must agree. This is just a scam.