BPI-M2+ new image:OpenELEC-H3.arm-7.0-devel-20160510-preview-bpi-m2p-sd-emmc 2016-5-15


  1. BPI-M2P kernel 3.4.112
  2. OpenELEC 7.0
  3. KODI v16.1 - Jarvis
  4. support HDMI
  5. support eMMC
  6. support GMAC
  7. support uEnv.txt to fatload script.bin & KERNEL & SYSTEM
  8. fix rootmydevice issue
  9. based on OpenELEC-H3, thanks for OpenELEC & jernej’s build

issue: WIFI & BT not ready

Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_YnvHgh2rwjODNPWHNzVlYwUFE/view?usp=sharing

MD5: ce597a8fcb93957f70cc2f702166c18e

When you do openELEC to banana pi m3?

we try to test and let it running on BPI-M3, but still issue.

NEVER since they did nothing for M2+ too. This is jernej’s work for H3 based Orange Pis and the development happened here and discussions there.

No one is working on OpenELEC for A83T so don’t believe a single word they tell.

H3 as used on BPi M2+ and A83T as used on M3 are somewhat similiar but while there exists a huge H3 community (that does all the work – SinoVoip is all the time just taking from community and never gives back) there is not that much around A83T yet.

“NEVER since they did nothing for M2+ too”

yes , No matter what we do, you always say that :slight_smile: , if you can , please share your work on forum , let all user can know what you can do .

Since it’s true. You completely rely on jernej’s work here, he used the newer BSP kernel variant like Armbian does, there are Armbian’s patches up to 3.4.112 on top in OpenELEC and you advertise the whole thing as your work giving only limited credits instead of pointing out what the community is able to do compared to your stuff. Just to create the impression you would work on OpenELEC or anything else and to trick customers into believing they would get OpenELEC on M3 or M2 anytime soon.

All YOUR images are still using the horribly outdated kernel 3.4.39 missing many many security fixes (there’s a reason why we at Armbian and OpenELEC upgraded to 3.4.112!), you still rely on the first BSP kernel version and so on. Lame.

it is open source !!!, sir. we all just to do what we can do , and server for user . it not a product. it is a open source development board, everyone do they DIY on this board, all support is from all huge linux community,

i know , lgor and other armbian guys do a very nice work on arm board, maybe you are one . just do what you can do , everyone know what we do , even it is shit, not need you tell everyone at our forum.

Thanks for fast answer. I hope you will release image to m3 soon :slight_smile:

Hi, can you explane what do you do for port the OpenELEC to BPI-M3 ? I wanna try this for the BPI-M2U


Hi ds2k5

Do you have tried it on BPI-M2U? I’m trying to do it on BPI-M2U, using OpenELEC 7 with Kodi 17. I have tried to port a versión of OpenELEC with kodi 16 for H3, and have the system booting but it fails starting Kodi. Now I’m rewriting the full patch of Kodi 16 to Kodi 17 to allow the use of the GPU. Do you have tried it?

Best regards

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BPI-M2U not success yet as tested

Hi here,

The link seems to be dead, could someone post another one ?


Hello,try this link:https://pan.baidu.com/s/1y8zKNTrbo-Npr55SnROGJw

Hi Jack,

Thanks for the new link, but the site is in chinese and I can’t read it even with auto-translation. Could you provide an english version ?

really thanks

Hallo bin auf der suche nach OpenElec image mit Kodi 18 für meine Banana Pi M2+ ich habe schon so viel gesucht aber bis jetzt nichts gefunden danke schon mal für die info

Hello am looking for OpenElec image with Kodi 18 for my Banana Pi M2 + I’ve been looking for so much but have not found anything yet, thank you for the info

link is down can someone reup? Or explain how I could make a Kodi bootable image for my banana pi m2 berry?