BPI-M2 new image: Fedora23_docker_K4.2_beta V4.0

BPI-M2 new image: Fedora23_docker_K4.2_beat V4.0


Release Note: 1,Support BPI-M2 2,uboot : 2015-7 3,linux kernel: 4.2. 4,ethernet work fine 5,WIFI driver work fine 6,user name/pass: pi/bananapi 7,this is just a test version.

any Baidu download ? Just google download ?

baidu download will update soon to : http://www.banana-pi.org.cn

Can’t boot into OS ~~

Hi rainbowsix,

Would you please provide the whole kernel boot message, or files under /var/log/ to us, the photo info is not enough to debug what happened.

thanks, DK

I don’t know how to get log file when failure booting. Can you tell me how to do?

Hi, I have exactly the same error, bought a M2 only for Fedora but impossible to install it !

any idea why ?